Tesla cars will have a voice assistant

Tesla cars will have a voice assistant

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Elon Musk confirmed that they plan to integrate an artificial intelligence system with a voice assistant into Tesla cars.

Chapter company reported on this on Twitter, answering a question from one of the Model 3 owners. He said that future models could be compared to the car from the fantasy 80s television series Knight Rider, in which the vehicle was controlled by voice and had a built-in system unmanned control.

Tesla is known to be in the past year hired specialists in computer vision and artificial intelligence, and is now developing its own chip for AI. It is expected that the cars will be equipped with a voice assistant, with help whom can will be wholly drive the car or transfer control. Already Tesla is now ditching the buttons and moving controls to the steering wheel and center touchscreen.

Tesla cars will have a voice assistant

Other car manufacturers also intend to integrate innovation. Bosch will teach cars to understand weather conditions and make movement safe.

text: Ivan Malichenko, a photo: Washington Post

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