Potential error found in Ethereum Parity client

Potential error found in Ethereum Parity client

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BitMEX Research Department Found Potential Bug In Ethereum Parity Client, which may take advantage of intruders for double spending.

The alleged error was identified during the launch and testing process new analytical tool of the trading platform – Nodestats.org, dedicated to collecting key metrics for Ethereum nodes. Team accumulated data from a full node Ethereum Parity, but in 12 days it So and not syncing wholly, trailing 450 thous. blocks.

The very fact of lagging is not is an critical because the tuning speed systems faster chain growth blockchain, so this is just a question time. but this helped BitMEX researchers spot a potential bug in Ethereum Parity. They claim that the client sometimes reports a successful sync, although actually can lag hundreds of thousands of blocks behind the actual peak.

Potential error found in Ethereum Parity client

According to the researchers, attackers can exploit this loophole. Potentially the user can to accept incoming payment as verified because his client indicates full sync. it allows a fraudster to double spend at a higher altitude, since the blockchain will consider the first operation to be erroneous due to less evidence of work.

Although analysts claim that in practice it is enough difficult to implement, but do not exclude such a possibility. The likelihood will rise, if a act will be organized group. Previously we reported Tom, that according to the UN, North Korea received $ 670 million from hacking crypto exchanges and hacker attacks.

text: Ivan Malichenko, a photo: unsplash

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