Koreans manage to grow rice in the UAE desert

Koreans manage to grow rice in the UAE desert

Koreans managed to grow rice in the UAE desert

On May 5, Korean agronomists plan to harvest the first harvest from a rice field of 1,890 m2 located in the desert zone of the United Arab Emirates.

The experiment to grow a moisture-loving plant in the Rub al-Khali desert began with sowing seeds on November 25, 2019 of the year. According to the calculations of specialists from the Department of Agriculture of South Korea, the yield plantation will amount to 763 kg of rice per 1000 m2, which is 40% more than the average volume usually harvested from such same plot in Korea. it the increase is due to the large amount of sunlight received by the plants and essential nutrients.

Koreans used for sowing a newly developed Japanese rice variety Asemi with a ripening period of 160 days, which the can be grown even in non-tropical countries.

However, even despite the increased yield, due to low rainfall and lack of necessary irrigation systems, first harvest will be unprofitable, insofar as team had to use desalinated sea water. It costs $ 16.5 to supply suitable water to the desert thous. per hectare, which is three times higher than the cost of the grown product.

Koreans manage to grow rice in the UAE desert

Therefore, in further experiments scholars will deal with the problem of water supply by using underground sources, application new cultivation methods and drip irrigation.

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text: Ilya Bauer, a photo: RDA

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