Venezuela began to control the turnover of cryptocurrency

Venezuela began to control the turnover of cryptocurrency

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The Venezuelan government has imposed restrictions on cryptocurrency turnover, set an upper limit on transaction fees and clarified the general regulation of this area..

Sunacrip, the oversight body of the cryptoindustry, has issued an official decree in which describes the requirements and features of making money transfers in cryptoassets for individuals on the territory of the country. According to new provision, from each transfer the sender is obliged to pay a commission in the amount of up to 15% of the total amount of the transaction, but not less than the equivalent of 0.25 euros.

Additionally, Sunacrip can now limit turnover, set virtual currency quotes relative to the bolivar, various tariff rates, and also request data from senders and recipients of assets, host participation in transactions.

Monthly limit on transfers to cryptocurrency is $ 600 (equivalent to 10 El Petro). Any payment in excess of this amount requires approval of the regulator, which can give permission to conduct operations maximum up to $ 3 thous.

Venezuela began to control the turnover of cryptocurrency

The government also announced that it will register with the Unified Crypto Assets System may physical, legal faces and organizations of any form of activity that intend work in this direction. Sunacrip is also responsible for systematization, control and verification data, related to user identification and their actions.

Since the beginning of 2019 of the year many country started to speed up work in the direction regulation of digital currencies and blockchain. Recently Italian parliament approved a bill defining the conditions of application technologies distributed ledger.

text: Ivan Malienok, a photo: cdn-3.expansion

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