UK Royal Mint will start storing cryptocurrency

UK Royal Mint will start storing cryptocurrency

Royal Mint having delivery issues? Is the #Gold and #Silver gone?

UK Royal Mint to Start Providing Storage Services cryptocurrencies temtum and its private keys.

Financial institution, which the already 1133 has been producing coins, medals and bars of precious metals for the United Kingdom for years, will take part in the launch of the temtum (TEM) project, planned on July 17th. The State Mint will perform in quality repositories private keys of the temtum genesis block and currency reserve, and the original private keys will be save on a permanent basis.

According to the press release, temtum is an cryptocurrency in the Temporal Blockchain peer-to-peer network, allowing free transactions, and designed to form a free decentralized financial ecosystem new generations. Closing blocks will be happen happens every 12 seconds.

At the beginning of the past of the year, mint wanted to to issue their own digital currency backed by gold, but abandoned plans due to government ban.

UK Royal Mint will start storing cryptocurrency

State structures all start more often use advantages of a distributed ledger and cryptocurrencies for optimization their activities and economics. The Brazilian state of Bahia recently launched blockchain-application for conducting and monitoring tenders for government orders.

text: Ivan Malichenko, a photo: Shutterstock

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