Renault unveils luxury self-driving electric vehicle EZ-ULTIMO

Renault unveils luxury self-driving electric vehicle EZ-ULTIMO

Renault’s EZ-Ultimo Concept Car Is A Luxury Self-Driving Lounge For The Rich

Renault unveils new concept model of stylish EZ-ULTIMO unmanned electric vehicle designed for premium travel.

The French manufacturer has developed given model exclusively as a luxury rental car owned by special services, five star hotels, airlines or businesses. On his the surface has sound absorption, and the interior is made in the style «neo-retro» made of leather, marble and wood, reminiscent of the interior of an old Parisian apartment.

IN new models focus on confidentiality, so the transparent glass was replaced by one-sided glass with a mirror effect and an external technical cut. From a distance, the car looks black, but up close, there are shiny shades of green that change as you move. Its length is 5.8 m, but the designers say that it enough agile. When driving at high speed for aerodynamic improvements are activated by two small side fenders behind the rear fairings.

Renault unveils luxury self-driving electric vehicle EZ-ULTIMO

The EZ-ULTIMO will have a built-in level 4 unmanned vehicle system, and the battery will be recover from help wireless systems charging. Cameras, sensors and radars are installed in the corners of the car. Passengers will be able to access the internet via an antenna supporting 5G. Is planned, what his will be to offer important clients in quality a chic way to travel to a Michelin-starred restaurant or from airport to hotel.

No less futuristic model of an unmanned car presented company Volvo, deciding to provide the most comfortable environment for travelers by adding a modular interior with sleeper.

text: Ivan Malichenko, a photo: engadget, video: Business Insider

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