Pepper robots serve customers at new Tokyo cafe

Pepper robots serve customers at new Tokyo cafe

TOKYO SHIBUYA Pepper PARLOR | Near-future cafe where robots serve customers

Japanese company Softbank Robotics announced that it will open the Pepper Parlor in Tokyo, where customers will be service humanoid robots.

In addition to the humanoids in the institution also will be work and people. Visitors to Pepper Parlor will be offered dishes of various countries peace, the basis for most of which will be waffles or their elements.

By words representatives of Softbank Robotics, the goal of the project is to create a space, Where can it is easy to feel the atmosphere of coexistence of people and machines, enjoy the evolution of robotics and get used to the future life side by side with robots.

Pepper Parlor Cafe will be located in Tokyu Plaza Shibuya and will open in December 2020.

Pepper robots serve customers at new Tokyo cafe

Softbank Robotics first introduced Pepper to the robot market in 2015 and now they already work in airports, banks, universities and grocery stores. but in Japan robotization – this is not a way to emphasize their progressiveness, but a forced measure associated with a shortage of labor resources and a reduction in the birth rate.

For the same reason in past year company AIST introduced the HRP-5P construction robot, which the able to independently recognize objects, navigate in space, perform assembly work and others tasks related to hard physical labor.

text: Ilya Bauer, a photo: Softbank Robotics

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