Only 0.6% of Russians have a smart home

Only 0.6% of Russians have a smart home

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System «smart House» has many modifications. Its main purpose — use of technological progress for human comfort. For specialists from J’son & Partners Consulting managed to find out in the framework of the Smart Home market research that the level of the number of installations «smart homes» in Russia is 0.6%.

The researchers drew attention to the fact that the position of Russia in comparison with others countries represents a stage in the development of technology. Development factors, which soon will be able to allow smart-systems reach a new level, according to commands, will become the government’s interest in introducing new solutions (in Tom including in terms of opportunities for improving current indicators economy), and also gradual decrease in the total cost of implementation.

Today in Russia «smart homes» are privilege a certain class of people with a high level of income. An additional factor required for widespread development new technologies, can to be called an exit to a gradual growth of incomes of the population. Difference in exchange rates (most systems «smart House» produced abroad) against the background of the ruble position also negatively affects the availability of.

Only 0.6% of Russians have a smart home

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, a photo: Unsplash

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