Found a cheap way to extract hydrogen from bitumen and abandoned oil fields

Found a cheap way to extract hydrogen from bitumen and abandoned oil fields

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Researchers have developed technology efficiently extract hydrogen from tar sands and oil fields using oxygen. The method is cost-effective and does not pollute the environment.

Hydrogen is an promising fuel for transport and industry, but now the price his production from petroleum products enough high. Recently team Canadian engineers have developed a cheap method to extract H2 directly from black gold, oil sands and bitumen deposits.

They found that introducing oxygen into fields raises the temperature and releases hydrogen., which the then can separate from others gases with help special filters. Underground hydrogen not accumulates in separate tanks, but pumping oxygen triggers the reaction of its release from hydrocarbons.

This method allows extract huge amounts of H2 gas, leaving carbon in the ground. According to scientists, when organizing production using the existing infrastructure, the cost of the obtained hydrogen will be fluctuate in the range from $ 0.1 to $ 0.5 per 1 kg. This means that it will become cheaper than gasoline. for equivalent performance.

The oxygen production plant consumes approximately 5% of the produced fuel. When this there is no need for huge expenses for cleaning the above-ground surface, since gaseous hydrogen comes out of the ground, and the soil is used in quality natural reaction vessel.

Researchers estimate that the largest tar sands deposit in Alberta, Canada will be sufficient to supply all country electricity for 330 years. Technology also applicable to existing and even abandoned oil fields, because in them all still significant reserves remain.

Found a cheap way to extract hydrogen from bitumen and abandoned oil fields

Because the only by-product of the process is pure hydrogen, then the method does not only effective, but also does not harm the environment. All other gases remain in the ground, insofar as do not pass through the filter.

Researchers at the University of Calgary have supported company Proton Technologies, which now owns the technology patent.

Recall that recently scholars also found a way to extract rare earth metals from ore in 20 minutes.

text: Ilya Bauer, a photo: bp.blogspot, magspace

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