Facebook robots no longer need maps to navigate

Facebook robots no longer need maps to navigate

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Facebook has developed a new learning algorithm, which the allows robots navigate space without using maps.

Although the robots could mix independently before, but when this at them there were obvious problems with navigation, leading to returns or even falls at colliding with an unexpected obstacle. but thanks to new Facebook solution, robots may without using the map to reach your destination 99.9% of the time and with only 3% deviation from the ideal route.

When this for effective work the developed algorithm DD-PPO (decentralized distributed optimization of proximal policies) enough standard RGB-D camera, GPS and compass.

The team succeeded by training the car to route between two points using data about moving with 2.5 billion steps or about 80 years of human experience. This makes the program smart enough. for choosing the correct turns on the path and quickly identifying errors when driving not in Tom direction.

Despite success in understanding the structural laws of buildings, technology all still is at an early stage of development. Until that it is difficult for her to cope with navigation on the street and in difficult situations, and also paving a path over long distances when communication with sensors is lost.

Facebook robots no longer need maps to navigate

Facebook shared research results, insofar as expects to significantly improve the capabilities of the algorithm. In case of success, technology not only improve the efficiency of robotics, but also various smart devices that will be able to help users navigate unfamiliar places.

 In addition to improvement systems navigation, Facebook also plans teach machines to sense objects and manipulate them with help tactile sensors.

text: Ilya Bauer, a photo: share

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