China powers the world’s most powerful power line

China powers the world’s most powerful power line

The Chinese Build the Highest Power Lines in the World

An ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission line starts operating in China, breaking the world record for voltage, power and length.

Working voltage new the line of the Chinese state power grid corporation is 1.1 MW, and the length is 3293 km. She can transmit up to 12 GW of energy, which enough for food 50 million houses. Although transformers installed at substations are considered mobile, but they can hardly be called mobile, insofar as the mass of each near 800 tons.

Engineers, employed over the project, call the line «By the power of the silk road», as it follows the ancient trade route of the same name. UHVDC absorbs the AC power from the grid at a converter station near the capital of Xinjiang and directs DC power to a second converter station in Anhui province in eastern China. She will be transfer energy replacing 25 thous. compositions with coal required by TPP.

China powers the world's most powerful power line

Designers sought to install fewer large transformers for achieving maximum cost-effective, but required for a 1.2 MV converter station is simply impossible to ship from factories.

We worked on the creation of the project more 10 years. In him took major contractors such as Swedish company ABB which also plans to create in the Celestial Empire wholly the automated factory of the future, and Germany’s Siemens, which recently launched the world’s first 10 MW wind turbine with 193 meter propeller.

text: Ilya Bauer, a photo: TBEA

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