60% of bitcoins haven’t left their addresses for over a year

60% of bitcoins haven’t left their addresses for over a year

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HODL has become the most popular strategy among crypto investors again, insofar as by data fintech-company Digital Assets Data, almost 10.7 million bitcoins did not move already more of the year.

In the present time Total there are 18.14 million MTC in circulation, but in 2019 only 40% of them participated in any operations, and 60% So did not leave their addresses for this period. Such indicator retention is an the highest since the beginning of 2017.

Most investors resisted the temptation use your bitcoins for speculation during last year’s significant fluctuations and growth from $ 3700 to $ 13800. As a result, at the end of 2019, the rate MTC doubled in spite of large sales in the second his half.

60% of bitcoins haven't left their addresses for over a year

Analysts say some investors expect further price increases after halving, but if a market will not meet their expectations, then part of the stock can to be sold soon. Other cause HODL could be the high purchase price of BTC during the December 2017 crypto boom. However, the fact that these coins have not yet been sold indicates an expectation of growth. their course long term.

text: Ivan Malichenko, a photo: dreamstime

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